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The surgery has had a patient group for some time now, but we are about to re-launch it. Patient groups are important and they give patients, you, the opportunity to participate in the way the practice is run and how it operates. Look out for information in the surgery and in the Patient Participation Group section of this website.


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Compliments and complaints.
We always welcome compliments on our service, but of course we can't always get it right. If you have a compliment or a complaint you can always talk to the Practice Manager, who will be glad to listen to you whatever you have to say about us. If you feel that your compliment or complaint is strong enough, put it into writing to us or email and you will get a speedy reply.


If you are not satisfied with the response from the practice you can speak to the Patient Advisory Liaison Service at NHS Hounslow on 0800 953 0676.


 Patient Group

Patient groups are all about people having a say in what happens in their local practice. In our new and revamped group we want to create a forum for people to positively affect what we do and at the same time give a voice to those patients who would normally not take an opportunity to participate. Many people joining a patient group because they have a complaint about the services that their practice offers and want to do something that makes a difference and creates a change. We hope to facilitate this. We also want to attract people to this group who want to make a contribution to society in our neibourhood and will work towards helping to advertise our services and embed them into what happens locally. If you would like to be a founder member of our new group, please email Clive on and he will get back to you telling you when our next meeting is.