Our Services

Our Services

As well as general medical care, Glebe Street Surgery provides the following services:

Antenatal Care

Asthma Care

Blood Pressure Checks

Child Immunisation

Diabetes Care

Family Planning

Phlebotomy (taking blood samples)

Travel Advice

Warfarin Clinic

Well Woman Checks (including cervical smears)

Near Patient Testing


Private fees and price list.

At our surgery as well as the NHS we also offer some private services. See the link to the page with the full details of our pricing policy.  Private services are outside core hours for the practice, please telephone reception for more information.


Private Consultation  £100.00
Private Medical Examination  £150.00
Private Home Visit  £125.00
Private Prescription  £10.00
Private Referral Letter  £20.00
Private Minor Surgery (removal of warts, skin tags, joint injections) £100.00
PCV/HGV/ Taxi Driver Examination  £90.00
DNA Paternity Test  £70.00
Passport Counter Signature  £30.00
Driving Licence Signature   £30.00
Insurance Forms  £30.00
Holiday Cancellation Forms  £30.00
Fitness to Work/Travel  £20.00



Nick graduated as a chiropractor in 1994 and has practised in the West London area since 2000. He joined the doctors at the Glebe Street Surgery in 2007 providing another treatment option for patients with musculoskeletal conditions and offering a second opinion for patients needing referral on to orthopaedic or neurology consultants. Nick enjoys working with a number of high profile sportsmen and women to improve their performance as well treating their injuries. Other particular areas of interest are cranial treatment and care for paediatric and pregnant patients. As a father of three young children himself, Nick runs a very family orientated practice.


Nick Oram

Tel: 02087471144

Email: info@glebestchiropractic.co.uk

Website: http://www.glebestchiropractic.co.uk



Mandora is a ITEC registered massage therapist and is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.  He has more than 20 years experience in healing and meditation and offers treatments at Glebe Street Surgery on Fri from 2pm to 8pm  and  Sun 8am to 8pm


Massage creates greater body and postural awareness, relaxation and suppleness which in turn will heighten one’s sense of well-being and health.

Other benefits include:

  1. Improved skin tone and elasticity
  2. Improved balance and suppleness of movement
  3. Relief from stiffness of your joints and muscle pain
  4. Easier and deeper breathing
  5. Lowered blood pressure
  6. Increased general relaxation and energy
  7. Boosting of your immune system
  8. Better circulation
  9. Reduce stress


Tel:   +44 (0) 7710 034 382

Email: b@mandoraschihouse.co.uk

Website: http://www.mandoraschihouse.co.uk


Travel vaccinations

Travel Vaccinations
Hepatitis B Vaccine ADULT

Course of 3 required

£65.00 per vaccine

£190 if course prepaid

Hepatitis B Vaccine CHILD

Course of 3 required

£45.00 per vaccine

£130 if course prepaid

Meningitis B

Either 2 or 3 required depending on age of child

£150.00 per vaccine

Course of 3 required

£70.00 per

£200 if course prepaid

Yellow Fever £70.00
Yellow Fever Exemption Certificate £25.00
Yellow Fever Reissue Certificate £25.00
Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine £70.00
Flu Vaccine £10.00
Medical First Aid Kit £15.00

Remember in relation to your travel vaccinations, they have to be done atleast two weeks before you travel. Ask one of our clinical staff for advice, and if you are travelling urgently bring it to the attention of our reception staff who will be able to help if they can.Other Vaccinations available on private prescription £10.00 charge for each.