GP Earnings

GP Earnings and Practice Finances

Perspective and Transparency

Unlike hospital doctors, GPs are not employed by the NHS – the practice works like a small business, receiving a sum of money per patient.

We get about £73 as a basic payment for caring for each patient for a whole year. We work hard to increase this by adding to our income by offering extra services and earn some additional money by taking part in national and local initiatives. The latest publicly available figures ( show that Glebe Street Surgery receives about £109 of funding per patient when this is taken into account. For this, any patient can see us as many times as they need, including face to face, telephone or home visits.

From this £109 figure, as with other GP practices, we pay our heating, lighting, cleaning and maintenance bills, our staff wages, buy all our equipment and anything else that is required for providing care and running a practice. This includes paying for out of hours services for our patients from Care UK. Each time a patient uses the 111 service and is dealt with there by clinicians we pay individually for that service.

£109 per year equates to just about 30p funding per patient per working day, or £2.10 per week

Putting that into perspective a cup of coffee costs about £2.50 to buy takeaway!

Our Staff and our view on expenditure

We employ a Practice Nurse and two Health Care Assistants, A Practice Manger, a Medical Secretary, five receptionists, An Office Manager, a Senior Administrative Officer and Bookkeeper and an administrative assistant/Receptionist. We also have one other staff member who we can call on if our regular admin, secretarial or reception staff are unavailable. We share some of our staff members with our buddy practice, Grove Park Terrace Surgery.

We have 1 full time GP and  3 regular locum GP’s who we employ to cover when our regular doctors are on holiday.

The average pay for GPs working in Glebe Street Surgery in the last financial year was £51.800 before tax and National Insurance.

Any spare money we have we invest in creating an attractive and pleasant environment for our patients, looking after our staff and doing all we can to enhance our patient experience.