Confidentiality and your rights to view your records

As a part of their contract at the Surgery, all staff are bound to the strictest rules of confidentiality. This includes details of your medical history and all your contact details. If there are circumstances where your medical history needs to be shared, or for example where an insurance company request access to your details, we ensure that you have given prior consent to these details being shared and we never share them if you have not given your permission.

You have every right to look at the records we hold about you and to view your medical history either in the written notes (Lloyd George notes) that we keep, or the electronic tracks. Simply ask the reception if you want to see them. Usually a member of staff will be present when you access them. It may be that you would like one of your clinical staff to be present to explain them to you, or you may just need an administrative person to help you view them on our system. Either way we will help you to access them. You can also ask us to give you copies of any of the information we hold about you. There is a small administrative charge for this, generally about 50p per sheet. Just ask us for details and we will be glad to help.